Monday, May 27, 2013

Cydia Tweak : MyWi 6 for free. ( Crack Version )

MyWi 6 - is an application to Create HotSpot WiFi Tethering, pressing a finger Wherever you are - you can connect your laptop or other mobile device to your iPhone.
Using MyWi you can easily tether internet from your iPhone,iPod,iPad to your idevice, to your laptop or anything. You can make your iPhone a wifi hotspot and lots more.

What's is new MyWi 6

iOS 6.0 Support
Faster performance
Lower battery consumption
Bugs fixes

Download MyWi 6 in cydia from repo Modmyi. Well, you can use it free for 3 days only. Its your trial period and after that you have to purchase it with $19.99 USD. Else it won't work anymore.


Now Lets Crack the MYWI 6 :

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No need to pay $19.99 USD to purchase the license. I will tell you now how to use it totally Free without purchasing it. Do the following steps bellow then you will be able to skip the trial day expire. Your trial date will never get over. And the trial version and full version has the same features.

# Step 1 : Go to Cydia and install " MYWI 6 " from it's official repo.
# Step 2 : Reboot your iDevice instead of respring. And open MyWi and download the trial license.
# Step 3 : Now  Download this txt file  and add the repo.

# Step 4 : After adding the repo which I gave in the text file now you have  install the file. And respring your idevice.
# Step 5 : Open MyWi and enjoy your trial version forever. It will never get expire.
Trial Version and the purchased version has the same features. So don't worry about it.
Please let me know if you get any error while downloading it. I will fix it. :)
Hope it helps you. Please leave comment bellow if you get any problem. Thanks.



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