4 June 2014

How to fix 'This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program' IOS 8.x.x beta Activation

We all know that ios 8.2 has been released few days back. It is amazing. I am using the ios 8.2 beta  at this moment and it is extremely fast, interface is totally new and changed and everything is just got better than before. 3x much better than ios 8.1.1

How to fix 'This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program' IOS 8.x.x beta Activation - 

ios 8 beta's released for the developers only at this moment. If you want to update to ios 8 beta now. You can do it but for that you need to have your device UDID registered with an Apple Developer account. Else your device will get stuck in the activation screen after the update. In iTunes it will show this error. To fix this problem you have either be a part of the developer program which means your UDID needs to be registered with an Apple Developer account. Now, Apple Developer Account cost - $99 / year. This is the first option you have to fix it and get activated in ios 8beta.  Or"  I have a option # no.2 to fix it.

Best way to fix this problem :

I have an Apple Developer Account. I can add your UDID into Apple developer program for just $15 USD only. Once i register your UDID to apple developer account then just connect your iPhone/iPod to itunes and in a few seconds your iPhone will be activated in ios 8 beta. Without Any problem and issues.
And you will also be able to update to future beta versions when it comes - like ios8.x.x beta 2,3,4,5.... -. And all features and fundtions of ios 8 will be working nicely.

How you will register your UDID through us ?

Just send me $15 USD into my Paypal account. And send your UDID in the paypal checkout message.
  • My pay-pal is- iapplestuffspro@gmail.com
Once your send the payment. Please wait 1-24 hours. I won't take that long to register your UDID. But i am register lots of UDID. Now give me little time i will register it. I mostly register the UDID in 1-3 hours and send you a confirmation message when i have registered your UDID. But if Apple sever is busy then it takes a little more time. (1-24 hours max).

Or Click here to register UDID via our website - www.tinyurl.com/regudid, Or from bellow you can also register your iPhone iPad iPad udid to Apple Developer Program. We are trusted and one of the top leading udid registration and activation site.

What to do when i have registered your UDID ?

Once you get a confirmation email from me that i have registered your UDID. Then its done. Just connect your iPhone/ipod/iPad to itunes. And in few seconds your device will be activation in ios 8beta. And everything will work perfectly. 

This is legit activation through UDID registering into an Apple Developer account. And your UDID activation will be for 1 year. Mean, during the year - you can update to all beta versions, enjoy all features of ios 8 beta without any single problem and also keeping your Apple warranty safe.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to email me - support@iapplestuffs.com

What you guys think about it ? let me know in the comment section below. And be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel , Like us on Facebook, And follow in Twitter. Thanks

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Anonymous said...

Registration worked perfectly and was fixed within 30 minutes. I already downloaded iOS7 so less than an hour after donating $15 dollars I had iOS7 running on my iPhone 5 and it works very good (for a beta) of course there are some bugs that need to be fixed for the final version.

Great service and a big recommendation if you want to try iOS7!

Thanks again from Holland

Anonymous said...

I don't know my UDID and my phone is not able to go pass the iOS 7 activation. Where can I find my UDID?

iapplestuffs said...

if ur not able to find udid itunes, then download a software called - itools **
then install it in your computer and connect iphone then click on VIEW DETAILS** then u will see all details of ur iphone. from there coppy...** UniqueDeviceID********* that is ur UDID.

and i register UDID for $15 USD. if ur interested then you can send me the payment and add your UDID in the paypal message. I wrote everything in this post. READ IT ! my paypal is also given

Anonymous said...

WOW! great service, my UDID registered in about 30 min after I pay :)
and IOS 7 activation successfully after restore my iPhone.


Anonymous said...

Great buddy. you saved my life and my iPad mini. thanks again for your great service.

iapplestuffs bd said...

you are most welcome.
Stay in touch and subscribe to my youtube channel and like FB page. thanks :) Enjoy ios 7

Anonymous said...

i need help

Anonymous said...

who do i to half to pay to get past the activation to get my ipone 5 registerd

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooooooo much for saving my life. yeppii my iphone is fully working in ios 7 now. Thanks to u. You are a life saver ! I am giving you more 15 dollars as bonus for helping me. and i am going to recommend you to all my friends. and once again thanks a lot.

iapplestuffs said...

Thank you so much guys for these nice feedback comments. It means a lot to me. Please always stay in touch. Subscribe to youtube channel, like FB page * and for any problem feel free to email me.

iapplestuffs said...

@gzadigital - Please check your email now I have registered your UDID. and also sent u an email about the confirmation message about 2 hours ago. thanks

Travor Wilson said...

Best 15 dollars I've spent, thank you so much for helping me out and getting my phone working again.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I just finished the payment. but I think I send a wrong UDID to u.


My email: lkkpmngwt@yahoo.com.hk


Anonymous said...

are you still able to register iPhones?

Dalai Darjaa said...

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good afternoon. I would like to ask you about the issue a got. I bought second hand iphone4 f.unlocked and the issue is that the phone was on ios7.0 but i restored it.
After that the phone is changed into ios6.1.3. and then i connected to iTunes it asks me old apple ID. However i don`t know the ID so i changed it again into ios7.0

So could you help me to solve this problem i found out your blog http://iapplestuffs.blogspot.com. Right know i have this on my phone

Activation error
This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program.If you are a member of the Program, please register your device in the iPhone Developer Program Portal.

If i`ll pay you the USD 15 and get the UDID and send it to you is it going to fixed and is old apple ID can be changed into my apple ID.
Thank you for your kind help. I`m looking forward hearing from you soon.

iapplestuffs said...

@Dalai Darjaa *

I can register your UDID which will activate your iPhone in ios 7. But you have to put ur Apple ID password*
I can not help you to change the Apple ID. Its you Apple ID. I can't not do anything.


Kate Susanin said...

best 30$ ive ever spent! thanks so much- kate

Sheren Marquez said...

Hi there,

If i get the UDID from you, would i still need to restore my phone? i havent backed up my phone for a month, and it wont let me right now.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much! big help!!!

Phil Price said...

sent paypal over, hope i got the udid right?

iapplestuffs said...

@Phil Price, I have received you payment. Please wait 1-24 hours for the confirmation message. Thanks. I will send you an email when your UDID is registered. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hey iAppleStuffs, Thank you so much for saving my life. The best $15 i have ever spend. totally worth it. my iphone is in ios 7 now. :D :D :D :D :D thank you so much. I will recommend you to all my friends.

I have another question can i update to next beta version?

iapplestuffs said...

your most welcome.
Yes you can update to all beta versions of ios 7. :)
Have fun. and thanks for the nice review comment. I really appreciate it.

Salman said...

I Have Updated My iphone with ios 7 beta 5
but i have not register my UDID and i dont know my UDID
IS there any help u can provide me
Because i wanna register it with ur Option 2
Plz help
email id- sallu_cool29@yahoo.co.in

Salman said...

Thankx for your help
i got my udid no
can u mail me the details to how to send u the money

Anonymous said...

WOW !!! my iPhone is 5perfectly working in iOS 7 beta 6 now !!!! Thank u soo much iAppleStuffs. it was worth spending $15. Thanks for registering my udid fast in 1 hours.
For sure, i will keep in touch and thank you again.

iapplestuffs bd said...

Thanks for your comment. and your most welcome.@thomas.
@salman, i have replied back to ur emails.

and to others, if anyone wants to register UDID, then email me to iapplestuffs@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

hi, i already sent you th 15 dollars with my UDID in the message. When is going to be registered?
my email is mpaula.p@hotmail.com

Eric Jakkola said...

Just have patience. He probably has more to do besides regiester our UDID so just wait it out

Anonymous said...

i know, i was just asking.

Anonymous said...

wow, ios 7 its just amazing, thanks a lot. you saved my ipad.

iapplestuffs said...

@Eric * Thanks for understanding. :D and your UDID has been registered. :) Enjoy IOS 7.
@Anonymous *

All UDID's Has been registered and i also sent everyone a confirmation message. Please check your paypal email address. Thank you all.

Please do not forget to leave me feedback comments about my service and Join my youtube channel.

Have Fun guys.
Enjoy ios 7.
Cheers !

CJ said...



iapplestuffs bd said...

@CJ -
You UDID was registered that days and also confirmatiom email was sent to paypal email address. Cheers !

Anonymous said...

thank you soooooo much !!! My iPhone is working perfect. $15 usd was the best i ever spend. totally worth it. Thank you thank you, i love u

Joshua Deleon said...

payed and waiting for email

iapplestuffs said...

@Joshua Deleon**
You udid is now registered and confirmation email is also sent to your Paypal Email ID. thanks
enjoy ios 7 cheers !


Anonymous said...

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Thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess
I will just bookmark this site.

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medrock said...

my ipad4 stuck in icloud acivation screen after i upgraded o 7.1. i wasnt able to contact the person whom i bought my ipad. pls help.

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