Wednesday, September 18, 2013

UDID Registration to Apple Developer Account - Instant Activation | Get iOS 9.3.2

iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 is out now !

UDID Registration to Apple Developer Account gives your legitimate access to download and install iOS beta versions early. Stay ahead of everyone and enjoy the latest upcoming iOS versions early. Apple always makes the new iOS version  better than others. It improves lots of things. It always better to update to the latest iOS version.

We are offering you the UDID Registration to Apple Developer Program at only $15 USD. Please make sure that you write your correct UDID while giving it to us. And also write your Email ID. We will send you a confirmation email once your UDID has been registered. 

The biggest advantage of registering with us is that you don't have to pay $99/year to Apple and buy the developer account. You can simply register your UDID to Apple developer Account via our UDID registration at a low cost plus each udid is registered for 1 year. We will register your UDID in one of our Apple developer Account, which will allow you to get activated in iOS 9.x beta legitimately  and enjoy of its features of the iOS 9.x. You can purchase this service from below:
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We will register your device udid to our Apple Developer Account and then you can install any iOS beta versions on your iPhone iPad iPod touch. Cheers.

How to find out UDID

  1. Connect iPhone,iPad,iPod to iTunes.
  2. On the Summary Tab, click on your Serial Number.
  3. Now you will see your UDID.
  4. Copy that and paste it here while paying us.
  5. Please do not use any Apps for finding out udid, as it gives wrong udid sometimes. Use iTunes or itools software only.

What to do after you pay us

Once you have paid us then please wait for our confirmation email. We will send you an email from once your udid has been registered to an Apple Developer Account. The process takes usually 15 minutes to 3 hrs. But as there are Time Zone differences so at max cases if Apple Developer Site is busy then it might take up to 1-24 hrs.  

Benefits of Registering UDID by us

  • Get Access to iOS 9.x.x & iOS 10  beta's early.
  • UDID is registered perfectly and gives you the iOS unreleased beta access.
  • Be a part of Apple Developer Program.
  • Device Activation in IOS 9.x.x
  • Full Access to ios 9.x.x legitimately.
  • You are paying $15 only instead paying $99, so you are saving a lot of money.
  • Full 1 year 24/7 Service support.
  • Just register once, and you can update to all new upcoming betas of ios 9.x.x
  • We handle each customer individually so every is satisfied with us.

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Latest beta: None, Apple released the iOS 9.3.2

iOS 9 beta's are now available to download
Download links are given in our download section.

Terms & Conditions
There is no refund for wrong udid / Registered UDID's
Once a udid is submitted can't be changed/modified.
Udid registration doesn't remove iCloud Anti-theft lock.

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